Scientific Program

«Lifelong course of diseases of the child’s nervous system»

Day 1
20 Jun 2017
Day 2
21 Jun 2017
Day 3
22 Jun 2017
Day 4
23 Jun 2017
Day 5
24 Jun 2017


Inherited metabolic diseases – I // Epilepsy: 1 // CNS Inflammatory diseases – I //  Foetal and Neonatal Neurology – I

Plenary Session 2: From parents to the child: risks and outcome in children – Toxic exposure

Chairs: Marie-Laure MOUTARD (France); Sylvain RHEIMS (France)   Maternal epilepsy and effect of the AEDs on the child’s neurological development Torbjörn Tomson (Sweden) Psychiatric disorders and the child’s neurological development...
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Parallel Sessions

Neuromuscular pathologies – I  //  Epilepsy – II  //  Inherited metabolic diseases – II  //   Neurodevelopment – I

Interactive Early Morning Teaching Seminars

Pierre FOURNERET (France) – Mathieu MILH (France) –  Damien SANLAVILLE (France) – Sameer ZUBERI (UK) – Marie VIDAILHET (France) –  Diane DOUMMAR (France)

Plenary Session 3: From parents to the child: risks and outcome in children – Genetics and environment

Chairs: Inge Kraegeloh-mann (Germany) Patrick EDERY (France)   Outcome of children born by medically assisted procreation Maryse Bonduelle (Belgium) Genetic disorders mimicking viral infection Yannick Crow (France/United Kingdom) Acute Flaccid...
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Parallel Sessions

Foetal and neonatal neurology – II //  Epilepsy – III //  CNS Inflammatory diseases – II //  Neuromuscular – II Patrick VAN BOGAERT (France) – Raili RIIKONEN (Finland) – Giuseppe GOBBI (Italy)...
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Plenary Session 4 From childhood to adulthood – What did we learn from large cohort studies?

Chairs: Nadia BAHI-BUISSON (France); Peter BAXTER (UK)   Lysosomal disorders Nadia Belmatoug (France) Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Nathalie Goemans (Belgium) Genetic syndromes with behavioural and cognitive symptomatology: the example of Tuberous...
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16:00 - 19:00


Parallel Sessions

Vascular Disorders – I  //  NS Inflammatory diseases – III   //  Neurodevelopment – II  //  Epilepsy – IV Jean-Paul MISSON (Belgium) –  Stéphane CHABRIER (France) – Rob FORSYTH (UK) – Vincent...
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Parallel Sessions

NeuroGenetics // Neurorehabilitation  // Epilepsy – V // Neurodevelopment – III Diana RODRIGUEZ (France) – Alla NECHAY (Ukraine) – Patricia LEROY (Belgium) – Dana Cristina CRAIU (Romania) – Finbar O’CALLAGHAN (UK) -Christian KORFF (Switzerland) – Yves CHAIX (France)...
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Plenary Session 5: From childhood to adulthood – Evolution of treatment concepts and therapeutic novelties

Chairs: Rima NABBOUT (France); Sebastien JACQUEMONT (Canada)   Gene therapy in neurometabolic disorders Marc Tardieu (France) Innovative treatments in neuromuscular disorders Francesco Muntoni (United Kingdom) Treatment trials in neurodevelopmental disorders:...
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Parallel Sessions

Vascular disorders – II //  Inherited Metabolic diseases – III // Movement Disorders //  Epilepsy – VI Argiris DINOPOULOS (Greece) – Francisco CARRATALA-MARCO (Spain) – Belen PEREZ DUENAS (Spain) – Katalin HOLLODY (Hungary) – Emilio FERNANDEZ-ALVAREZ...
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EPNS ACADEMY: Infectious diseases

Congenital infections Chairs: Hermione Lyall (United Kingdom), Linda De Meirleir (Belgium) Congenital Toxoplasmosis an update Prathiba Singhi (India) Congenital Zika syndrome: beyond the microcephaly Vanessa Vanderlinden (Brazil) Congenital CMV infection:...
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Monday, June 19 and Tuesday, June 20
Pre-Congress Symposium (additional fee)
2nd European Paediatric Neurology Society International Satellite Symposium
on Advances in Neuromodulation in children: Neuronal Networks, Neurophysiology and Neuroplasticity










(updated June 7, 2017)


SFNP Executive Board
Sylvie NGUYEN, President, University Hospitals of Angers
Stéphane AUVIN, General Secretary, University Denis Diderot (Paris)

Sylviane PEUDENIER, Treasurer, University Hospitals of Brest
Chairs Local Organizing Committee
Alexis ARZIMANOGLOU, Head of the Clinical Epileptology, Sleep Disorders and Functional Neurology in Children Department
Vincent DES PORTES, Head of the Paediatric Neurology Department

Hôpital Femme Mère Enfant (HFME), University Hospitals of Lyon
EPNS deputies
Patrick Berquin, University Hospitals of Amiens
Brigitte Chabrol, University Hospitals of Marseille
Local Scientific Committee:
Epilepsy disorders
Alexis Arzimanoglou, University Hospitals of Lyon
Inherited metabolic diseases :
Brigitte Chabrol, University Hospitals of Marseille
Multiple Sclerosis and related CNS inflammatory diseases
Marc Tardieu, Le Kremin-Bicêtre Hospital, University of Paris XI
Kumaran Deiva, Le Kremin-Bicêtre Hospital, University of Paris XI

Neuromuscular pathologies
Isabelle Desguerre, Necker-Enfants Malades, University of Paris V (René Descartes)
Neurodevelopmental disorders
Vincent des Portes, University Hospitals of Lyon

Local Organizing Committee:

Maryline Carneiro
Aurore Curie
Julitta De Bellescize
Patricia Franco
Anne Guignard-Perret
Julien Jung
Pascale Keo Kosal
Laurence Lyon-Francois
Véronique Manel
Clara Milleret
Alexandra Montavont
Karine Ostrowsky-Coste
Eleni Panagiotakaki
Anne-Lise Poulat
Aude Raoux
Christelle Rougeot-Jung
Christophe Rousselle
Isabelle Sabatier
Dorothée Ville